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Cal Lic.804617

I have worked with David on many projects over the years. He does lovely wallglazing and has excellent technical skills as a muralist. David listens carefully to us and our client and works diligently to realize our vision.
--- Nancy Callahan, CID, IIDA


David is a master woodgrainer.

This is the art of transforming a plain, less expensive wood into a more exotic one. It has many applications in remodeling and restoration projects. Fireplaces, moldings and doors can be painted to harmonize with fine finish cabinetry and hardwood flooring.

“Protect the rainforest while beautifying your home or office.”


“David is excellent at on site finishes and wood work restoration. He is skillful at blending new with old and can harmonize extensions and additions within your home. He is reliable, professional and is good at interfacing with the other trades on my projects”
--- Ralph Tondre, Quetzalcoatl Construction, Oakland