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paint chips

When the chips won't work for you call
The Color Dr., David Rowan Campbell!

Using "active listening" techniques together with a keen eye for color and texture, David has great success at helping his clients to find just the right color combinations for their projects.

When working with couples, he helps them find areas of agreement where their tastes are complimentary.

This common ground provides a base for exploring the many color and design options for the project at hand.


My husband and I want to thank you so much for coming to our house to help us choose accent colors and which walls to put the color on. As always, we had totally different ideas as to which colors we should choose. You helped us find the middle space (which doesn't always happen.)

We've been living with our bold chocolate, sage green, earthy reds and warm gold tones and enjoying the colors a great deal. The mornings are energized and warm. In the evenings the colors are relaxing and harmonious.

We had no idea how much color can set the tone of living in a space.

Thanks for the help and more importantly, thanks for the education in decorating.

Janet and Albert Minix, Fairfield, Ca.