telephone: 510.882.8148
Cal Lic.804617
David Rowan Campbell

David’s love of arts and crafts began at his mother’s prep school. It continued to be nourished through high school where he studied under a variety of engaging teachers and especially enjoyed watercolor painting of birds, flowers and clouds.

While attending Keele University in England, David traveled extensively in Europe and thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful art museums and richly decorated palaces that abound there. After arriving in California he began working in the building trades, specializing in painting and cabinet finishing.

A fortuitous meeting with Nat Weinstein of the San Francisco Restoration Workshop led to his study of decorative painting techniques, under Nat's expert guidance.

David continued his hands on education in New York City with Jeffrey Johnson, tackling challenging projects in the Upper East Side, the Hamptons, and later in Jamaica, his birthplace. He continues to enjoy creating new finishes and beautiful spaces.

David transformed the dull, white walls and neglected woodwork of our adjoining living and dining rooms to the look and feel of a Mediterranean home. He is a true artist! He was especially helpful and patient in selecting color and when doing the work, he gave the utmost attention to the slightest detail. We highly recommend him!
--Stephanie and James Woodbury