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What is a Glaze?

A glaze is a transparent or semi transparent medium to which pure colour tints or paint is added. When the glaze is applied over a dry basecoat a layer of color is created which allows the basecoat to show through. The interaction between them creates the illusion of depth and sometimes that a third color has been used. David uses waterbased Earth Friendly products in all his work.

How long does it take to glaze a room?

This depends on the size of the room and the complexity of the finish. Two to four days is the usual range for a single glaze that is protected and enhanced with a coat of varnish.

What is a Varnish?

This is a clear protective coating that also enhances, by adding depth, to a decorative painted finish on walls furniture and floors.

How do I decide which treatment is right for my project?

David creates custom sample boards for each client. If the job is "a go" the cost for doing the boards will be discounted from the total price.

Can tiles be painted?

High fired ceramic tiles such as those used in bathrooms and kitchens are difficult to paint successfully due to adhesion problems.